Dirt Bike 2

Title: Dirt Bike 2

Description: If you are ready for intense mountainous terrain that only the most skillful riders can survive then you are ready to play DIRT BIKE 2! If you enjoy negotiating break-neck boulders and crevasses then you've come to the right place to accept a challenge. This game is one of the most played motorcycle games on the internet today! See if it is good enough to be added to your list of favorites!

How to play - The controls are easy and basic to understand, but only a few will master them. Use the up arrow key to control the throttle, and the down key to brake. Press the left key and you will lean back in your seat. Use this key to pull wheelies to help you climb up rocks and other obstacles. Press the right arrow key to lean forward in your seat. Use this key to keep your self from flipping over when going up steep terrain. Complete each level in order to proceed to the next stage.

Hint: Take your time! Don't rush! You could be so close to the end of the level and mess it all up and have to start again.