Motocross Nitro

Title: Motocross Nitro

Description: If you’re a fan of motocross and enjoy spending time gaming, then this free online game is perfect for you. It’s really easy to play too! Once the adverts have played, the game will load and you’ll soon be starting your engines.

There is no automatic acceleration like with many tablet racing games, and you should press the up key on your keyboard to make your bike go. If you want to brake or reverse, simply press the down key on the keyboard. Naturally, to move side to side and lean your motorcycle, you need to press the left and right keys on your keyboard.

If you thought the game ends there though, you’d be wrong. It’s super exciting thank to the nitro option which sees your bike speeding along and past your competitors. Simply press the space bar at the bottom of your keyboard and your motocross bike will speed ahead. As well as this, you’ll be able to perform tricks to gain extra points and nitro. To perform these moves, simply press Z, X or C on your keyboard.

The free online motocross game has been rated highly throughout 2013, and is regularly praised for its great graphics for a simple browser game. Between races, you’ll be able to customize your bike so that it suits the terrain that you are racing on. Whether you’re on solid ground or sand, you’ll find additions and customizable features that can help you maintain good grip and obtain maximum speed. As you achieve new goals, you’ll be given access to brand new levels and new upgrades to improve your speed and totally thrash your competition.

The game will always be free and is much more than a cartoon style race. It features realistic graphics and an intuitive gameplay that is hard to match on any browser game. If you’d like to play, just head over to Mini Clip and search for Motocross Nitro. Is your engine ready? Get set, go!